consign with us

We make it easy and convenient for you to turn your unwanted items into cash. Our team is dedicated to providing a seamless experience for consigners looking to declutter and make money from their pre-owned possessions. 

Our process is simple and efficient, allowing you to drop off your items at our store and have our experts handle the rest. From evaluating the value of your items to pricing them competitively, our team is focused on finding the best ways to get you the most money for your consigned items.

How it works

How to Drop off

how long does it take?

how much do i get paid?

Consigners are paid 40%

sales channels

We are leveraging multiple channels at once to ensure the highest exposure.

Regardless of channel, your you still make 40% from the Net Sales of the item.

* While it is our goal to get your items as much exposure as possible. It is up to the discretion of Rock It Resell which items get posted online. 

items we don't accept or sell

We may choose to Donate any unaccepted or unsold items to charity.

Items we accept but do not sell, will be accounted for on an itemized donation list you may pick up the following year!

Please Note: We can not accommodate drop off of items that need to be picked up and pulled. Large items will be considered an exception to this rule.

Charities We Support

Birch Community Services

Birch Community Services mission is to build a financially stable community by providing education, food, and nurturing accountability.

Northwest Children's Outreach

Northwest Children’s Outreach was founded in March of 2001. Since our inception, NCO has grown to support over 500 Care Providing agencies with the items families need.

Gung Ho Ministries

Gung Ho Ministries exists for the purpose of ministering and providing assistance to the poor, afflicted, and homeless individuals, with a special emphasis on transitional housing for veterans.

Tips for Successful Consignment

In Season & Trending

Bring in trendy & stylish pieces for all ages. Items brough in should be in season or align with the upcoming season.

Clean & Washed

Bring your items in Good Condition. Ask yourself "Would I Buy This?" Clothing should be free of defects and freshly washed.

Electronics & Equipment

Electronic items should power on and work correctly. Batteries, chargers or power cords should be present and in good working order.

Toys, Games & Puzzles

These items are great fun and perfect for resale. However, only when all the parts and pieces are present and accounted for.

Complete & Damage Free

Items that are free of defects and damage with all their parts have the best chance of selling.